Song of the morning- I Know You Want Me by Pitbull

It has a great beat!!!!!!  I can’t be still!

It feels great– I’ve got my ceiling fan on in the living room where I’m blogging.

I love to blog!

I think I will write each new post in a different color.

I’m being silly!

I’m glad to be home right now, all by myself.  I love these kinds of mornings.  Anything is possible.

I love making quick lists on YouTube while blogging.  It’s a great way to make time to listen to new songs.  Does anyone have a great new song for me to try out?

I want to make some new recipes that are so good and also good for you!

Time to clean this house!

Have to make time to play piano and sketch something today!

My dog Taz is so sweet!  He just laid down behind me in my desk chair.  Not very comfortable, but I’m so glad to have him around.  He’s a wonderful dog.  He’s my baby!  Here’s a picture of him:


Need to paint my nails today.  Love my new shiny aqua polish!

I’m rambling.  Can you tell?!


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