I just added some songs to my YouTube playlist.  This morning I’ve been listening to XM Radio Channel 20 on 20.  I like this station pretty good.

I want to call my sister and Aunt Judy today.

Great song– “No Surprise” by Daughtry  I just put it on my new songs playlist.

I loved my coffee this morning.  What a great way to start today!

I’m listening to the DJ’s talking on the 20 on 20’s station.  They are so funny!  They are discussing  their lives and requesting listeners to go to their website and give their personal imput on questions relating to their stories. Here is the link to their website if you want to check it out– The Morning Mash Up/What We Talked About.    I’m going to bookmark it.  It is very interesting.

Looking forward to getting some exercise on the treadmill today.

I’m trying to keep my thoughts positive today.  Do you ever wake up thinking of sad things that really work on your mind?  Why would my brain automatically want to focus on things that keep me down?  I’ve got to





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