I’m watching too much TV today.  It started this morning after my husband left for work.  I began searching for shows to record on the DVR.  I came across a great show on a PBS channel about a month ago and just this morning thought  to record it.  It’s called Passport & Palette.  The episode I had watched showcased the artist James Asher.  It is very interesting to see the thoughts of different artists each week.  They paint their own way.  I would love to take an art class.  Later I will check out YouTube to view more on instructional art.

Oh man!!!  Where has the day gone?  I believe I have OD-ed  on television.  Two LMN chick flicks!

To readers–do you ever beat yourself up for spending this much time watching TV?

The first movie I watched  was called “I Do (But I Don’t)” starring Denise Richards and Dean Cain.  They make a beautiful couple.  I love Dean Cain’s build.  The movie reminded me very much of “The Wedding Planner”.  It was worth watching all the way through.


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