Life Is Great

Oh wow, I get to go shopping tomorrow!  The ride to the big mall is a long one, but worth it.  I like the scenery.

I’m exercising again and counting calories.  I’m definitely getting fitter.  I love to watch Dancing With The Stars while doing my workout on the treadmill.

I look forward to getting things organized this weekend.  My husband built a garage and has moved his tools and things out.  That gives me some room to work with.  Oh yeah!

I got a paycheck in the mail that I was not expecting.  Great!

After getting the house straightened up as it should be, I want to paint my living room and kitchen so that it will be more inviting.  White walls will be a thing of the past!

I cleaned up my sewing area a few days ago.  It is so much nicer now.  I can’t wait for my house to come together!