What To Do?

Today will be a great day.  I have a positive attitude to start with.  It makes a difference how you approach things.  I’ve got so many things going for me.  I won’t even try to list them!  I love life.  I love this time to blog.  What a way to express yourself!

I want to make some music with my fingers.  Piano practice is on the list.  I want to connect with my family in Alabama.  Phone time is on the list.

I’m going to approach my housework and organizing skills in a better way than usual.  I will tell myself that….

  • the house will be so inviting after a good cleaning!
  • I will not have to go through all those sticky notes to find those new phone numbers.  They will be in one place after today.
  • I can send all those letters back to Mama when I finish the scanning.  That will be out of the way.  Plus, I will find more great history about my family as I’m reading them for the first time.
  • I will be ready for unexpected company, no worries then!
  • my refrigerator will be inviting and the food will be accessible.
  • my son’s room will be in working order with my organizing skills.  He will thank me for it.

“….lala, how the life goes on.”—- The Beatles, \”Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da\”



I’m searching for something interesting to write down.  Interesting to me may not be interesting to you. I have just finished listening to Psychosocial by Slipknot and Use Somebody by Kings of Leon for the first time.  I love to find good music.  My dad and stepmother like mostly country music.  I can only appreciate so much country music in a day.  Rock and pop are my favorites.

I’m looking forward to getting in touch with my Aunt Judy and Aunt Mary by phone today and finding out if they have an email address.  If so, I can send them scanned letters from my grandpa written during WWII.  They would love to read them, especially Aunt Mary.  She was just a baby when the majority of the letters were written.    I haven’t went through all of them yet, but I have already found an old card especially sent to Papa’s first born baby, Mary. In one letter he drew pictures of himself in uniform, my grandma, and Mary. In many of the letters he is wanting my grandma to tell things to Mary, like “tell her I love her and tell her to be a good girl”. There was also a picture postcard of the Eiffel Tower and a picture postcard of the boats in the canal.  These letters are special to me and I’m glad to have the opportunity to have them scanned for later generations to read.

As I finished that last sentence, I am reminded of what my father-in-law preaches.  He is a Free Will Baptist preacher and the pastor of my church.  He thinks this is the last generation to live on the earth.  He thinks his grandson will possibly see the second coming of the Lord.  He has studied the last book of the Bible, Revelations, for many years and has written about it.  He preaches that the prophesies are almost fulfilled.  My thoughts?  I have read through the Bible and believe the same things.  I think it is very scary and sad to think about.  I think of all the sin in the world.  I feel very sinful myself.  I’m supposed to be a Christian but I don’t know what the Lord thinks of me.  I still have worldly desires.  Am I still wrapped up in the world?  God has to be first for me to be a Christian.  It is depressing because I don’t think I can keep Him first.

I didn’t mean to sound depressing, but sometimes things come up that have to be faced.

OK, there has to be a positive plan for the day.  I’m thinking….my son and I can work together on the landscape.  I can talk with my 2 aunts today.  I might also play piano while listening to some songs on YouTube.  I love to play along with the original music!  It’s sort of like Guitar Hero.  It is challenging.

Life goes on!