Drop Dead Diva Is The Best New Show! Plus, More Guaranteed Rambles!

My favorite new show?  Drop Dead Diva!!!!!  I can’t wait to watch the next one.  I have set my DVR to record the series.

I don’t feel very inspired this morning.  I do feel great, but not full of bright ideas.  I guess I’ll just ramble on as usual.

I have walked 11.6 miles so far.  I have been tracking my miles for about a week now on exercise.lbl.gov.  I began in Yorktown, VA.  Now I’m 1.3 miles from Williamsburg, VA.  There’s pictures to “see”  where you’re going along the way.  I’m taking the TransAmerican Trail.

I continued making my music list with speeds yesterday.  It is so fun to walk/run to the beat of your favorite songs.  Time and distance go by swiftly that way.  I hope to get in a long walk/run today.

I tried out my new body ball yesterday.  My son wants one of his own.  We wound up taking turns using it, after a song played out on the radio.  I like to bounce to the music.  It reminds me of the exercise equipment I jumped on in elementary school decades ago.   I know this is not the best way to get in shape using the body ball, but it is a very fun warm-up exercise.

I plan to scan some more of my grandpa’s letters today.  Here is a Christmas postcard that he sent to my grandma.

WWII Christmas card

Bye for now!  More ramblings later!


Hmmmm….How Can I Make My Blog Inspiring?

My blog’s name is “Inspireandbeinspired”.  I would like for this blog to be inspiring, but it is just a taste of my simple life with a few things that I have found interesting.  After reading my posts, I realize how mundane my life sounds.  This isn’t inspiring!

IDEA:  I’m thinking of writing some things down that I like to do and dream of doing, adding some images to create some inspiration to this blog. I’ll try to post in this way for the next blog.

I had fun with my workout today!  I listened to the songs on my mp3 while adjusting the speed of my treadmill to match the rhythm.  Here’s the list that I worked out to and the miles per hour that I was walking/running for each song.

  1. “Vogue” by Madonna – 3.1
  2. “Keep Your Hands To Yourself”  by Georgia Satellites – 3.1
  3. “Wild, Wild West” by The Escape Club – 3.8
  4. “Material Girl” by Madonna – 3.6
  5. “Stay” by Maurice Williams – 3.1
  6. “Tonight She Comes” by The Cars – 3.8
  7. “My Prerogative” – by Bobby Brown – 2.9
  8. “La Bamba” – 4.0
  9. “Lean On Me” by Club Nouveau – 5.0
  10. “Jump” by the Pointer Sisters – 3.6
  11. “99 Luftballons” by Nena – 5.6
  12. “Love Man” by Otis Redding – 4.0
  13. “When Doves Cry” by Prince – 3.3
  14. “Doctor, Doctor” by Robert Palmer – 3.7

I’m planning to figure out the treadmill speeds for the rest of my mp3 songs.  After writing all of the information down, I want to make a polished playlist, picking out the songs based on their speeds.

I went 3.1 miles on the treadmill today!  I hope to get more in tomorrow(actually today now).

I love to eat Honey Nut Cheerios with yogurt!  It’s my new snack.  You know what’s so much tastier?  Honey Nut Cheerios with cherry vanilla ice cream!!!!!  Yogurt by itself is blah!

OK, I’m rambling!  This blog was not created in hopes of having a rough draft for publication.  I am trying to be more spontaneous and I need to loosen up in life. Life needs to be fun!


I could stretch a mile this morning.  No need for a ceiling fan this morning.  It’s nice and cool here.  Just said goodbye to my husband before he left for work.  My son is still asleep.  My doggies are enjoying their rest.  I’m wide awake, wondering what to do this day.  I’m out of work until school starts back.
A beautiful red cardinal just lighted onto the bird feeder outside my kitchen window to get some breakfast.  I love birds!

I am listening to Linkin Park’s song, ‘New Divide”.  It’s pretty good.  I’m using my headphones because my son is still asleep.

My son and I went outside yesterday to do some drawing.  He made a sketch of the creek running down the mountain and  I drew my mother-in-law’s yard which is adjacent to our home.  I figured out how to scan things to the computer and how to transfer pictures from the camera to my files.  Those are things my husband usually does.  Time to be more independent!!!!  He doesn’t have time to do it all!  I’ve got a super husband.  He’s very smart and the best handyman.  He could make a wonderful career with his many skills.

My mother let me borrow my grandpa’s old letters that he sent from France to my grandma during WWII.  I got them when I visited her a few weeks ago.  There are so many!  They were just married a couple of years when he joined the army.  The letters are so beautiful!!!!!  It reminds me of the love my husband and I had in our first years of marriage.  I’m wanting  to feel that again.  I’m making our marriage the priority that it used to have, what it should have always been.

I think I’ll see if my son will want to play something when he wakes up and then, after straightening  the house, I will glam up for my husband.  He gets off work early today.  It’s a plan!


Song of the morning- I Know You Want Me by Pitbull

It has a great beat!!!!!!  I can’t be still!

It feels great– I’ve got my ceiling fan on in the living room where I’m blogging.

I love to blog!

I think I will write each new post in a different color.

I’m being silly!

I’m glad to be home right now, all by myself.  I love these kinds of mornings.  Anything is possible.

I love making quick lists on YouTube while blogging.  It’s a great way to make time to listen to new songs.  Does anyone have a great new song for me to try out?

I want to make some new recipes that are so good and also good for you!

Time to clean this house!

Have to make time to play piano and sketch something today!

My dog Taz is so sweet!  He just laid down behind me in my desk chair.  Not very comfortable, but I’m so glad to have him around.  He’s a wonderful dog.  He’s my baby!  Here’s a picture of him:


Need to paint my nails today.  Love my new shiny aqua polish!

I’m rambling.  Can you tell?!