To Do: Check Out It’s A Great Find

I’m so happy!  I found the coolest site,  listography: life in lists.    It is just what I need!  I have already made a grocery list, an on-going to do list, and a to do list for today.  That is just the beginning for me.  I can’t wait to have the time to add more lists on there!!!!  That will be my reward for finishing off the daily list, ha!

I am currently in a SparkPeople Biggest Loser Competition.  Today is weigh-in.  I hope to lose .5 lb./week.  I have 13 lbs to go before my goal weight of 125 lbs.  I have been walking a lot more this week.  I love my  free  Walk Across America program.

My son got a laptop for his early birthday present yesterday.  He loves it.  I might check it out later with him.  It’s an HP 15.1 in.  My husband can always find the best deals.  He’s the greatest!

Now, on to the list!

images 5


Drop Dead Diva Is The Best New Show! Plus, More Guaranteed Rambles!

My favorite new show?  Drop Dead Diva!!!!!  I can’t wait to watch the next one.  I have set my DVR to record the series.

I don’t feel very inspired this morning.  I do feel great, but not full of bright ideas.  I guess I’ll just ramble on as usual.

I have walked 11.6 miles so far.  I have been tracking my miles for about a week now on  I began in Yorktown, VA.  Now I’m 1.3 miles from Williamsburg, VA.  There’s pictures to “see”  where you’re going along the way.  I’m taking the TransAmerican Trail.

I continued making my music list with speeds yesterday.  It is so fun to walk/run to the beat of your favorite songs.  Time and distance go by swiftly that way.  I hope to get in a long walk/run today.

I tried out my new body ball yesterday.  My son wants one of his own.  We wound up taking turns using it, after a song played out on the radio.  I like to bounce to the music.  It reminds me of the exercise equipment I jumped on in elementary school decades ago.   I know this is not the best way to get in shape using the body ball, but it is a very fun warm-up exercise.

I plan to scan some more of my grandpa’s letters today.  Here is a Christmas postcard that he sent to my grandma.

WWII Christmas card

Bye for now!  More ramblings later!


I love this new website called  You can virtually walk across America and check out the scenery as you make your stops.  You enter your miles for each day walked.  Your information is saved and recorded onto your calendar on the website.  There is an option to be emailed when you cross each state line.  You can go by your user ID number or your first name.  Hmmmm….!!!!

I’ve noticed that it is now after midnight, but I’ll finish this post with the same title that I began with .  When I began this blog, I decided to just use the date for my post titles.  It’s just simpler.

There are 2 more websites that are interesting to me.  I will note them here.